(defparameter *word-hash* (make-hash-table :test #'equal ))

(defun add-word (word)
  "adds the word to the word-hash"
  (let* ((key (sort (copy-seq word) #'char<))
         (entry (gethash key *word-hash*)))
    (if (null entry)
        (setf (gethash key *word-hash*) (cons word nil))
        (setf (gethash key *word-hash*) (cons word entry)))))

(defun get-words (key)
  (gethash (sort (copy-seq key) #'char<) *word-hash*))

(defun read-word-file (filename)
  "read a file of words"
  (iglu:each-line-in-file #'add-word filename))

(defun bit-set? (value bit)
  (if (= 0 (boole boole-and value bit)) nil t))

(defun remove-bits (bits word)
  (let ((word-length (length word))
        (new-word (copy-seq word)))
    ; i = current bit in the word (ascending left to right)
    (do ((i 1 (* i 2))
         (j 0 (1+ j)))                  ; j = counter
        ((= j word-length) (remove #\0 new-word))
      (if (bit-set? bits i)
          (setf (elt new-word j) #\0)))))

(defun ordered-unique-word-list (word-list)
  "removes duplicate words and orders by length"
   (remove-duplicates word-list :test #'equal)
   #'(lambda (a b) (> (length a) (length b)))))

(defun permutations (word)
  (let ((word-list '())
        (largest-bit-value (- (expt 2 (length word)) 1)))
    (do ((i 0 (1+ i)))
        ((= i largest-bit-value) (ordered-unique-word-list word-list))
      (setf word-list (cons (remove-bits i word)

(defun countdown (word)
  (ordered-unique-word-list (iglu:flatmap #'get-words
                                          (permutations word))))