Say there were a programming language: ‘Dust’, designed by a bunch of smart people to address common problems with the current set of mainstream languages.

One day a prominent member of the Dust team comes out as a Fascist. Not the modern day definition of Fascist which is ‘anyone to the right of my personal opinions’, but the classic full-blown “I believe in the tenets of National Socialism” fascism. This person tweets Nazi imagery, quotes prominent members of the National Socialist party, advocates violence against anyone on the left and refuses to acknowledge that millions of people were killed in the Holocaust. Of course all of this promotion of Fascism is done whilst the person is enjoying the freedom, safety and culture of living in America.

Any mention that the political system they’re advocating has resulted in misery and the deaths of millions of people is brushed aside with “That wasn’t real fascism, this time it will be different, this time it will be implemented correctly”

You would expect outrage at this, but not so, the reaction from the Dust team is one of tacit agreement if not public approval. Years pass by and the Dust developer remains in his position, espousing his political views. The wider Dust community do nothing.

In such a scenario would you use Dust?