Vitaly Kaloyev’s wife and two children were killed in 2002 when Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 collided with DHL Flight 611 over Überlingen, Germany. A year and a half after the crash, on 24 February 2004, Kaloyev killed Peter Nielsen, the air traffic controller on duty at the time of the collision.

In November 2007, after serving his sentence, Kaloyev returned to his home in North Ossetian city of Vladikavkaz, he was met with enthusiastic crowds who cheered him as a hero. Members of the youth movement Nashi were standing with the accompanying acclamation: “You are the real man.”

In 2016, Kaloyev was awarded the highest accolade by the government: “To the Glory of Ossetia”. The medal is awarded for the highest achievements, improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the region, for educating the younger generation and maintaining law and order.

David Merritt’s son Jack was stabbed to death in London on November 29, 2019 by an Islamist terrorist. When Boris Johnson announced a crackdown on the treatment of convicted terrorists, David Merritt responded with:

Don’t use my son’s death, and his and his colleague’s photos - to promote your vile propaganda. Jack stood against everything you stand for - hatred, division, ignorance.